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Threat Awareness

The first, essential step to mitigating cyber risks is understanding the cyber threat environment from which those risks emerge. For business executives and government leaders, understanding cyber threat actors and their attacks is critical for building a cybersecurity strategy that applies scarce resources to address the most severe risks. For employees and individuals, being informed about the cyber threat enables them to understand how they can be targeted, the possible consequences of their individual actions, and how they can help mitigate cyber risk.

Newspaper headlines about stolen laptops and credit card data tell only a small part of the story. Companies and governments are threatened by a range of threat actors, including external but also internal actors, and four attack types:

  • Cyber crime, including theft of credit card and personal identity information, and accounts payable
  • Hacktivism, including exposure of corporate document and e-mails
  • Cyber espionage, including theft or disruption of research and development, intellectual property, transactional information, and sensitive corporate plans
  • Cyber war, resulting in damage, disruption, and destruction

Different companies face different threats, and every executive seeking to mitigate their companies’ cyber risk must start by understanding the cyber threats facing their company. Good Harbor keeps up to date on the latest threat information through expert-led research and its network of senior advisors and partner companies. Good Harbor excels at making threat information relevant and useful for executives and employees, combining an emphasis on easy to understand analysis with its experience working on cybersecurity in sectors ranging from telecommunications to utilities and from technology to financial services.

Threat awareness services are delivered to two audiences, executives and employees, through a variety of channels, including briefings, white papers, videos, blog posts, and programs for employee training and awareness.