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Thought Leadership

Cyber risk and technology issues evolve constantly, shaping business opportunities and risks for years to follow. For business executives and government or non-profit leaders, participating effectively in shaping cyber policy issues is essential, but it is also difficult: the issues are complex, technical in nature, dynamic, multi-disciplinary, and often difficult to communicate.

Good Harbor helps companies, non-profits, and industries accomplish two essential activities to participate effectively in shaping policy:

  • Exploring, researching, and developing positions on important issues; and,
  • Raising awareness and helping leaders communicate effectively with the right message, through the right channels, to the right audience.

Good Harbor is internationally known for its balanced, reasonable, and pragmatic ideas. The firm has a long history of being forward-thinking in the cyber arena: president Richard Clarke, author of Cyber War: The Next National Security Threat and What to Do About It, was named one of Foreign Policy’s Top 100 Global Thinkers of 2010. In addition to in-house expertise, Good Harbor brings to bear an unparalleled network of advisors and partner companies with deep experience in cyber issues as well as cross-sector experience from public and private experience in many sectors.

Good Harbor facilitates, connects, researches, and writes to help business, government, and non-profit leaders distill complex cyber issues and contribute substantively in cyber debates, with lasting impact.