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Strategy & Governance

Mitigating the consequences of a cyber attack requires more than just a technology solution. The best CEOs, COOs, General Counsels, Board Audit Committees, and executive teams know that managing cyber risk requires a clear strategy, a coordinated governance framework, and active involvement from senior executives.

Every company requires a unique strategy and governance framework to manage its cyber risks. Good Harbor works closely with C-level teams to ensure that cyber risk management strategy and governance are optimized for their companies' needs and challenges.

Our team can help executives drive answers to the most essential questions:
  • How should cybersecurity roles and responsibilities be structured within our organization?
  • How should scarce resources be allocated?
  • How can we make sure risk management decisions affecting the enterprise are made at the appropriate senior level?
  • How can we align our security objectives, financial objectives, and human capital objectives to support our corporate strategy?
  • How can we eliminate unnecessary redundancies and squandered resources?
  • What cybersecurity policies, awareness efforts, and training can help our organization effectively manage cyber risk?
  • How can our strategy be communicated to, and implemented with, managers and employees?