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Regulatory & Policy Analysis

The regulatory, legislative, and policy environment around cyber risk issues is growing increasingly complex and dynamic. Companies face obligations to protect key information and key assets from cyber risks and to disclose key cyber risks and incidents.

These obligations are constantly evolving, and mandatory government regulations are being augmented more frequently by voluntary standards and industry standards. More and more, company executives are accountable for meeting these obligations not just to government regulatory agencies but also to their boards, their shareholders, and their employees.

Companies of all sizes and sectors need to understand and proactively plan for the obligations and opportunities of this shifting regulatory, legislative, and policy environment.

Good Harbor's deep experience in cybersecurity issues and well-connected presence in Washington make it uniquely positioned to help executives manage this challenge.

For companies, Good Harbor helps executives plan ahead to navigate the regulatory, legislative, and policy environment. Knowledge of emerging issues and the ability to plan ahead proactively will be increasingly important as obligations shift from prescriptive, audit-based, "checklist" compliance standards to standards that are performance oriented, based on risks and outcomes, and inherently less clear.

For companies who provide cybersecurity related services or products or investors who pursue acquisitions or investments in these areas, Good Harbor can help executives and analysts understand how emerging issues will shape the market and create new opportunities.