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Crisis Management & Communications

Though cyber attacks may be inevitable, companies can mitigate the resulting damage through effective crisis management. Preparing for cyber incidents and managing crisis communications effectively are essential to minimizing the impact of significant cyber incidents.

Before a crisis occurs, business leaders can continuously improve their organizations’ ability to respond by assessing capabilities, planning, and preparing through custom-made executive tabletop exercises. Good Harbor helps clients develop crisis management plans and also designs, coordinates and leads realistic tabletop exercises for chief executives and other senior corporate officers to help them achieve three key objectives:

  1. Evaluate assumptions, capabilities, and the effectiveness of existing response planning;
  2. Strengthen the awareness of senior leaders and crisis management teams of response plans and the importance of crisis preparedness and response; and,
  3. Improve the ability of multiple teams from across the organization to communicate and work together quickly and effectively in a real crisis.

When a cyber incident has already happened, the stakes of crisis management and communications are high. The impact of poorly handled communications can be worse than the impact of the breach itself. Consequences include loss of shareholder or customer confidence, financial impacts, and damage to a company’s hard-earned reputation.

With so much on the line, companies turn to Good Harbor to be a trusted advisor and to help navigate the crisis environment. Good Harbor brings together cyber risk and crisis management expertise to help clients accomplish the following:

  1. Develop and implement a tailored strategy for managing the cyber incident and crisis communications;
  2. Navigate relations and disclosure requirements with investors, clients, employees, and government agencies; and,
  3. Protect and enhance reputation through diligent crisis management and communications.