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Good Harbor brings together in-house expertise with a network of strategic partner companies and experts to deliver unparalleled service to our clients. The combination of Good Harborʼs internal team and partner network positions Good Harbor as a leading provider of cybersecurity consulting services to senior corporate executives, investment professionals, and government leaders.

Draper Draper is an independent, not-for-profit corporation, which means its primary commitment is to the success of clients’ missions rather than to shareholders. For eight government or private sector customers, Draper leverages its deep experience and innovative thinking to be an effective engineering research and development partner, designing solutions or objectively evaluating the ideas or products of others.

Good Harbor is proud to partner with Draper’s Inherently Secure Processing Hive, which brings interested member companies together with Draper’s team of hardware and software designers to deliver inherently secure processors to important industries and systems, from medical devices to defense systems to autonomous cars.

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Ergo Ergo is a global intelligence and advisory firm. Ergo provides a range of interrelated solutions fueled by the knowledge and experience of well-placed, on-the-ground sources. From understanding and anticipating political developments, to assessing competitorsʼ strategies, to probing deep into the histories of companies and individuals, Ergoʼs products are customized to address our clientsʼ unique challenges.
Industrial Defender Industrial Defender and Good Harbor have formed an alliance whereby both companies will collaborate to help critical infrastructure operators improve their cybersecurity posture in the face of advanced threats.

The deployment and networking of information technology in critical infrastructure and the ever-changing threat and regulatory environments create new cyber risks for infrastructure owners and operators. As a result of this alliance, owners and operators of critical infrastructure will benefit from seamless pairing of the services offered by Industrial Defender and Good Harbor. Industrial Defender's ASM technologies monitor, manage, and protect critical infrastructure. For more than a decade, Industrial Defender has successfully developed and delivered solutions for operators of industrial control systems. With deep domain expertise built in, Industrial Defender products enable customers to ensure the availability and reliability of their critical infrastructure control systems. Leveraging the industry’s first unified platform for security, compliance and change management, Industrial Defender solutions enable customers to reduce costs and risks, and enhance operational excellence. Over 400 companies in 21 countries rely on Industrial Defender technology to monitor, manage and protect their operations and processes.

For more information, visit Industrial Defender's website, connect on LinkedIn and follow Industrial Defender on Twitter.

Paladin Capital Group Paladin Capital Group is a leading multi-stage private equity firm comprised of individuals with a proven track record of financial expertise and national security experience. Paladin is an experienced investor in cyber security technologies and solutions worldwide having completed 38 cyber investments over the last decade. Paladin provides capital and strategic guidance to growing companies in the IT and telecommunications sectors. The firm focuses on companies with products and services that are “dual use” in nature, serving both commercial and government customers. Paladin has over $950 million dollars of committed capital across multiple funds and has invested in over 60 portfolio companies. For more information, visit


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